byLisa Mala Reinhardt and Patrick Lohse


Rupa is 15 years old when her stepmother attacks her with acid one night. Hours pass before she receives medical treatment in a hospital in New Delhi. One and a halfyears and a dozen surgeries later Rupa is shocked by her own reflection. The acid attack has left visible scars on her face. At her bedside she hears people saying: “She used to be so beautiful! It would have been better she had died.” 

But Rupa is alive. 

By chance she gets to know of the campaign “Stop Acid Attacks” and volunteers with them. The campaign fights for the recognition and social inclusion, for better medical facilities and financial compensation of acid attack survivors. Rupa and her fellow campaigners set up “Sheroes Hangout”, a cafe in Agra. They live and work collectively and thereby overcome the societal isolation which they experience due to their scarred faces. A documentary portrayal about empowerment, solidarity and the prospects of a self-determined life.