Boddinale 2016 Call for Movies

Dear moviemakers friends and moviemakers friends of friends, and their friends, ad libitum, we wiil do it again. 

The 4th edition of Boddinale Community Movie Festival will happen from 11th to 21st of February 2016, here at Loophole and other locations in Boddinstrasse Neukölln.

The rules to participate are simple 

- You have to be Berlin based, however that happens.
– There has to be a story in your work.
– In any language, but english subs when needed.

– You have to come to the screening and talk with your fellow movielovers.

There is time till December 15th 2015

To answer this call please send us links or files via email at with the folowing subjects:

- boddinale music /for music videos
- boddinale animation /try to guess
- boddinale documentary / yes we will have a documentary award for the first time
- boddinale /for shorts and feature lenght


As always you can also pass by Loophole in Boddinstrasse 60 and drop by your work in person, after 7pm everyday but sunday.Also if your work is great but the rules are too tight, talk to us and we ll figure it out.

And as always, we ecnourage any project related to moviemaking to come foward and join our ever expanding community with workshops, installations, performances or ideas, money, contacts and what not.

You know … it s Boddinale 2016 !!!


Yours truly 



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