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2nd boddinale international movie festival _____ lh(@)

Sunday 23rd February 2014 20:00
_Boddinale Winners Night at
Kino Moviemento

Best Feauture Award

by Alberto Nikakis
Two friends are headed by car to the countryside, when some random events divert their journey. A
deviance that makes them live the luckiest day of their  lives, but  luck  doesnt  seems to  have  any
moral ,and  turns  them  into casual casualties  of  their presumed destiny.


Best Short Award


Das Meer im Fernseher
by Dimitri Tsvetkov
An American secret agent who assassinates the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il, and suspects that the two owners of the Lolita's cafe, Doloress and Dollores, are attempting to take revenge on him for the assassination.


Best Animation Award


Im Bann des Doktor Fiese

by Marcus Grysczok / Neukölln
15´stop motion


Special Mention of the Jury

by Deborah Philips
13´ 1998 16mm
Shot on 35mm on a reduction print on 16mm. music by Wolfgang in der Wiesche & Nandkishor Muley, who is also featured. A portrait of a musician who says that no place is his home, just his instrument.


Community Award


Hinterm Ostbahhof
by Lenka Ritschny

About a public place, the hardship of existence, about traces, scratches and corners, about sausage and pelmeni, about our reality
and about everyone of us having a quirk.
The place behind the Ostbahnhof, which used to be the central station, now a forgotten and bleak place? A
passageway? We have a look, where our eyes usually never rest and we follow the bizarre aesthetic of everyday life. Traces, scratches, corners lead us to the snack stall owners, which try to make a living at this place. How do they explain themselfes their difficult situation? How do they manage to endure it?
A contrast between phantasy, humor and the hardship of existence - a portrait of the life at this place, which refers to all our lifes in this world.


Loophole Award


Thanks God Is Friday
by Jan Beddegenoodts
'Thank God it's Friday' is a touching portrait about one of the hotspots of the Westbank. You will never get as close to the main obstacle of the Palestinian-Israeli contemporary peace process.



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