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Boddinale V Edition _Waiting for the Program


Dear All


In the coming days we will publish here the program for the 5th edition of Boddinale, our community of Berlin based directors has surpassed 200 artists now, all thanks to everyone involvement from year 1 all the way till today.

There is still so much we can and will do, here in the meantime some news:

– This year for the first time Boddinale will create a 10 days Stop Motion Academy, with workshops on every possible technique and topics, bringing musicians, visionaries, activists and every kind of artists we can find. The workshops will take place during the day at ZUKUNFT am Ostkreuz that is supporting us with their beautiful location.

You can subscribe the the event here and help us to spread it.

– We need volunteers during the Festival, especially welcome are helping minds for the live video broadcasting of the directors interviews and someone that can make our program look good in printing

You can reach out at

– You will be able to follow the interviews live through our FB page (like to be notified when we go live)

– One easy way to share info about Boddinale with your friends is this event here that we will use for Program updates and news

See you all very soon at Boddinale 2017 !

Yours Truly


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